Making Plans

It's been a few months.

I'll spare you all the details and jump straight to the important stuff. 2018 is fast approaching, and I have been busy making plans. The past few months have been rough on my mental health, and I've realized that my life needs a few changes. Okay, a lot of changes. The first of those, is this space. 

I made this website at the beginning of 2017 to be more professional, and to have a place to put my portfolio of sorts. Since then I have gotten a job in my field of photography and I've started to get more clients for my freelance business. As such, the primary purpose of this website has shifted a bit, and I've decided to give it a second go. I recently revamped the layout (as you may be able to tell) and while that may shift a little as time goes on, I wanted to use this moment to tell you of the main change that will come in the New Year: blogging! 

So many of you have been supportive of the few posts I added here in 2017, and in order to add more traffic to this site, I decided to put more of my time and energy into writing her consistently. Some of the posts probably won't be life-changing, but I do have a long list of topics to discuss and write about. All I ask is that you maybe leave a comment and try sharing the posts you enjoy! I'm looking at posting on Saturdays, so I hope you don't have a lot going on then.

Until I get myself in order for the new year, I've included a quick playlist. Here's to the end of 2017! Just one more month and we get a clean slate!!