Photo: Aurora Phommalysack |  @aurora_pomme

Photo: Aurora Phommalysack | @aurora_pomme


Jenna Clare

Nashville Social Media Photographer, Content Creator, & Author

Jenna Clare is a photographer and writer who has spent the last decade putting various types of art on the internet. After growing up in Northwest Indiana, she moved to Nashville, TN to study Audio & Video Production at Belmont University where she got a Bachelor of Science degree. Although she still has a day job, Jenna runs her own freelance photography business as well as a semi-successful YouTube channel where she talks about books, music, and her life. When she isn’t scrolling through social media, you can find her listening to Taylor Swift songs, taking photos of her friends, or binge-watching tv shows. 

Jenna’s debut poetry collection Water Runs Red is available now on Amazon.