Photo: Laura Gruszka |  @nalawrites

Photo: Laura Gruszka | @nalawrites

Jenna Clare

Nashville Social Media Photographer

I am a firm believer that life should be celebrated. Not just on the days where someone graduates or someone turns 50, but every day. That's why I take Instagram so seriously and why I get extremely nostalgic about things like Amy Grant's first Christmas CD. If I'm going to be on this earth for a century, then I want every moment to belong to a good beach novel or a Richard Curtis movie. I aim to live my life like that movie About Time where Domhnall Gleeson can time travel. (Go watch it if you haven't.) Even though some days are more difficult than others, I feel called to spin gray moments into gold. 

So that's what I do.

My work is for people who don't think they're beautiful. For people who think they probably don't deserve the best or probably can't afford to fund their secret dream. For people who say, "I'm just warning you, I'm not very good at having my picture taken" or "I'm not that eloquent, so bear with me." My work is for people who just want something quick, who just need one photo, who just. For people who may not have their life together, who want to put a new life together, who apologize too much. 

Above all, my work is for people who are willing to try, to trust, and to be surprised.