5 People Who Inspire Me

Early last summer Oh Wonder dropped a new album and on that album is a song called "High on Humans." The song is about how Josephine is fascinated by humans and how one-on-one conversations can be super uplifting and inspiring. Humans are pretty incredible, and there are a few I've been focusing on recently to give me a daily dose of inspiration. Some of these people are famous, some of them are not, but all of them make me want to change my life and become a new person.


Lucy Moon | Youtuber

A few months ago I found Lucy's channel and she's kind of well known in the YouTube community. She mostly makes chatty videos about her life & her interests, but I originally found her because of her weekly vlogs. Lucy has an great sense of style and she's very intelligent. Her main impact has been on my clothing and home decor - now I am working on curating a capsule wardrobe (cohesive, consistent) and little ways to change up how my room looks. We're the same age, but I find her so calming and knowledgable!


Taylor Swift | Singer/Songwriter

Listen, you can rag on me all you want, but Taylor is a huge inspiration in my life on so many levels. We could talk about her inspiring me to play the guitar or write songs or wear red lipstick, but right now she's inspiring me to take control of my life. Coming back to the world after her disappearance it has shown me that I need to find myself and I need to learn to live in that freedom. She's become so incredibly confident and sure of herself, and even though I am fairly confident, I know I need to work on a few things. She has given me the courage to embrace who I am, but also to change into the person I know I could and should be.


Jack Antonoff | Songwriter/Producer

This man has become such a huge part of my life within the past two years, and I don't know what it would be without his influence. He helped pen and produce a number of my favorite songs, mainly because he's friends with my favorite person, but he is an inspiration in and of himself. Jack's music, specifically his lyrics, speak to me in a way that no one else's does, even Taylor. The way he talks about mental health and grief and living life is so relatable and honest, and I feel like he is a kindred spirit. He has given me so much freedom through his songs and his words, and he inspires me to get better.


Hailee Bartz | Instagrammer

Friends can be inspirations too, you know. Hailee has become one of my best online friends in the past year, and I don't know what I'd do without her. We talk about all kinds of things - superheroes, Taylor Swift, Star Wars - but she is so much more than a person I can talk to. Hailee inspires me through her instagram feed and content creation all the time. She has such an eye for creativity, whether that be photos or journal pages or composition in general, and I love seeing what she makes. I aspire to make art like she does, and I cannot wait to get to collaborate with her in 2018!


Jayda Iye | Photographer

It might surprise you to know, but Jayda is only 18! We met at Bumble Biz event a few weeks ago, and ever since then she's been inspiring me through her photos. This girl is such a light - any time you hang out with her, she will put a smile on your face. Her photos are so inspirational to me because they're so bright and full of life. I love seeing what she's working on, whether that be portrait shoots or lifestyle shoots. Whenever I need some new ideas, I head over to Jay's side of the internet and I get a boost of creativity!