I know it can be scary choosing the right artist for your project. I also recognize that it can be even more terrifying when it’s time to invest your hard earned money into someone you don’t really know. It may not seem worth it to you when you have such a tight budget (believe me, I understand how that goes), but I am here to convince you otherwise.

These are the most important moments of your life, and you should have them documented with care and precision. And I’m not just talking about weddings here, people. At the end of the day, you are investing in your future. The future of your marriage, the future of your business, the future of your brand…whatever it is, you are working to build a future. It’s like investing in a more expensive car in order to pass it down to your kids in the far-off future - it may be easier to buy it cheap, but if you invest just a little bit more money into it, it will last longer. (Okay, I’m bad at car analogies, but you get the point right?)

If you want some fancy photographer with a studio to take some basic headshots for you, we probably won’t click well. But, if you want someone who will stick with you and support you and capture those moments that no one else notices, then I am definitely your girl!

And if you want to talk about it, then let’s TALK! I am always open to conversations about your budget and how we can best make it work for you.


Portraits & social media start at $250, events start at $500, and full-day wedding coverage starts at $2000

Video starts at $450

Based in Nashville, TN

Willing to travel + Booking for 2019 & 2020

For more information, please message me on Instagram/Facebook or send me an email!



How far are you willing to travel?

As far as you’re willing to pay me! (That’s only kind of a joke…) Usually I don’t charge more to travel within a 1-2 hour radius, but if I have to fly anywhere or get a hotel, that does tend to bump up my prices to cover my expenses. Although if you follow me on Instagram I usually am traveling throughout the year anyway (I tend to go to the New York area at least once a year, if that helps!) so if you catch me one on of my other trips then you won’t have to pay for my travel expenses!


I don’t like broadcasting how quickly I edit because I’m…very fast…but usually I get portrait shoots edited within a week or two and I get weddings edited within 3-4! Although that all depends on my schedule and how busy I am.


Depends on the shoot, but I tend to go above and beyond so most hour-long shoots get 50-100 images and most weddings gets over 1,000. Sorry not sorry, but I’m a huge overshooter!


I use a site called Pixieset which is basically an online gallery where you can view and download all your photos in a nice pretty package!

What if I’m really awkward in front of the camera?

Most people who shoot with me start our shoots by making jokes about how un-photogenic they are, so you are not alone. However, I want to stress that you’re less awkward than you think you are, and I know that from experience. I’m a firm believer that everyone can look beautiful in front of the camera if they have the right photographer, so please trust me and let me do my job! But if you are nervous, let me know and we can definitely work through that together!!