Delight Ministries

I began officially working with Delight Ministries in 2015, but I have been taking photos for them since I was a freshman in college. Since its beginning, I have been the company's main photographer/videographer. I'm responsible for filming & editing training videos, photographing products, and ultimately making Delight stand out with its visual elements online. This ministry remains one of my favorite clients, and I help them whenever I can!

Southern Crazy - EP

Betsy Lane, one of my dear musician friends, created her second EP back in 2014, and she reached out to me to take photos for her album artwork. This EP was the first time my photos were used for cover art, and even though I did not do the graphic design on the project, I am immensely proud of this record. My photos appear all over the physical CD case, and I'm so happy I could be apart of Betsy's record!


Margot + Co

Upon working with Delight, I befriended their graphic designer, Margot. This lovely lady works tirelessly to create beautiful graphics and designs, and she asked me to help take photos for her social media. We have a great relationship where she helps me with design and I give her Instagram photos, and it's been working great ever since. 

Mon Bleu

This is the only graphic design project I've undertaken successfully, and I didn't even use my photos for it. Jacque Jordan, my dear friend and roommate, recently worked on her debut album, and I was lucky enough to get to work on the design for it. I surprised myself, but in the end I think the design work totally matches Jacque's brand and self, and I'm so in love with this album. (If you look closely, you can see my name in the "special thanks to" section!)