Here's everything you need to know about me before you proceed to hear my backstory:

My name is Jenna (obviously). I was raised in Northwest Indiana. I'm an INFJ Hufflepuff and a follower of Christ. I can cry to almost any Taylor Swift song, and I live for fictional worlds. My favorite pizza topping is pineapple, I love making playlists, and most importantly, I share a birthday with the Battle of Hogwarts. 

I don't want to be that person who says, "I've been taking pictures all my life!" But here we are.

Ever since I was little, my parents surrounded me with film; my dad photographed national parks to make slides for his college students, and my mom worked for the Creative Memories scrapbooking company. Half of the scrapbooks I made as a kid just had photos of inanimate objects with an obnoxious disposable camera flash (see below). Growing up I had a few different point and shoot digital cameras, but I'll spare you some of the painful selfies from back then. 

In high school I received my first DSLR camera, and my hobby became a profession. One summer when my little brother played on a traveling baseball team, I took it upon myself to take photos at every single game. A few thousand shots later, I got a nice payment from the team moms and a new career. After that I did what every teenage photographer does: I photographed a majority of my friends' high school senior portraits. I've been begging people to let me take their photo ever since. 

Even though I did not major in photography in college, I did minor in it, and a number of my best opportunities have come out of using my camera. I now work with a non-profit company, Delight Ministries, and I spend a large portion of my time photographing musicians and couples and people who need to post on Instagram. In addition to photos, I have begun a small video career as well. When I'm not filming videos for my own personal YouTube channel, I occasionally shoot music videos. All in all, I know my way around a camera and a lens. Visuals are my passion.

If I could describe my visual style in three words, I'd use colorful, honest, and candid. When people work with me, I want them to walk away thinking I made their life easier. More than that, I want people to be wowed by the images I produce for them. Nothing makes me more excited than getting a text or an email back from a client and having them using all caps and multiple exclamation points. (!!!!) I do not want the images I make to feel forced. Instead I want you to see yourself reflected back at you as if I've known you for years, with authenticity and honesty. It is my goal to make you look as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.


Nashville, TN